You know an accessory has made it to the big leagues when models are sashaying down the runway wearing the item. Take for example, the famous fanny packs. Some might snicker and call them throw-backs to the 90s, but they were an amazing and useful item to have on your person at the time. Remember Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw stylishly showing off her fanny pack? More information can be found on the Fanny Factory website.

Runway To Street--It's On!
The fanny pack is on-trend and getting a second, long look from admirers around the world. Thanks to several legendary fashion houses, the cute little "bum" bag is back in a major way, and it's become a hot accessory for street wear, too.

Global fashion designers have all gone gaga over the accessory for their pre-fall collections. They unveiled chic and sophisticated fanny packs with wonderful updates like embroidery, leopard prints, bold hardware, pony hair and suede. Some featured longer straps to drape over the shoulder, so that it hits at the waist. Others were designed to serve as both a stylish belt and essential pouch.

Star Style Means "Hands Free"
Celebrities have always had a soft spot for fanny packs, and the great things about them are their versatility. These bum bags are uni-sex in concept, and many famous faces from Hollywood have enjoyed strapping them on again to hold their stuff. Let's face it; not every outfit comes with pockets. Sometimes, you just need to store things and hang out, hands free.

Look at Fergie; she's a major star with an adorable little boy named Axl. She's been photographed often, wearing these accessory bags as she caters to her active, little son. Kelly Rowland is another big celebrity with style power. She was snapped wearing a very expensive fanny pack. This one was a python fanny pack and looked ultra chic with her black and white ensemble at an outdoor music festival.

Handsome heart-throb Leonardo Dicaprio is also into fanny packs. He's been frequently seen on exotic beaches wearing a simple tee and bathing trunks and a bum bag to store his key essentials.

Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Blake Lively are also fans of the "it" trend.

Fanny Packs Add To Any Ensemble
Sarah Jessica Parker recently wore a fancy, black leather designer fanny pack to a red carpet event with an elegant black dress and blazer. The next week, she was seen wearing the same bag with a tee and pants

These cute, little bags also look amazing with jeans, because you can hide all your must-haves inside, like cell phone, lipstick, gum, keys, etc. A crisp, white shirt will always make a fanny pack look cool and sophisticated. More information can be found on the Fanny Factory website.