Modern farms have a lot of people to feed. They are not all concerned about the quality of their animal feed, which ends up as a part of the meat and animal products you buy at grocery stores. It is vital that you know how feed is made and why. Know that the health of your animal-derived products depends on the quality of the animal feed. You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Peel Hardware website.

Genetically Modified Products

On many farms, genetically modified (GM) animal feed is used to create eggs, milk and meat products sold all over the U.S. For years, organic farmers have opposed the use of this feed because of the unknown health effects on animals and humans. Some of this feed is made from GM crops that are genetically engineered to resist bacteria, viruses and pesticides.

Scientists claim that GM foods are safe to eat and have no significant adverse effects. However, many countries have decided to ban the manufacture and sale of GM products. Many consumers still need convincing that GM crops are safe to use for animal products.


In addition to GM products, there are widespread concerns about the health effects of feed additives. Farmers ensure that animals get all the nutrients they need to be healthy. In the same way that humans add supplements to their diets, farmers add supplements to animal feed, such as vitamins and minerals, to improve the nutritional value. Some additives are sweeteners that boost the flavor. Coccidiostats are added to prevent infections and reduce the risks of diseases.

There are numerous additives added to human foods that are claimed to be unhealthy, such as trans fat, MSG, food dyes and artificial sweeteners. Many people are concerned that some additives added to feed are not safe for animals either.


Natural farmers argue against the mass production of crops in a practice known as monoculture. With a lack of diversity and crop rotation, the crops are likely to be infested with insects and sprayed with pesticides. They claim that feed produced on a massive scale is likely to contain toxins and contaminants, such as antibiotics, heavy metals and pathogens.

Not all farmers believe in the natural and organic methods of raising animals. You cannot always rely on them to make animal feed that is entirely safe for human and animal consumption. It starts with you learning more about the farming techniques that affect your health and the safety of the world’s food supply. You may be able to find more resources and insights at the Ace Peel Hardware and Supply website.