Things to Think About Before Booking Special Event Rentals

While your special event will undoubtedly be fun for everyone to attend, planning a special event can be stressful, time-consuming and challenging. As the host, you understandably want to think ahead to cover all your bases so that everyone has a fabulous time, and the type and amount of special event rentals that you reserve will play a major role in this. As you finalize your plans for special event rentals and prepare to sign your rental agreement, consider these points carefully.

The Flow of Traffic in the Venue
Chairs and tables are two of the most common items people reserve with special event rentals. You need to have plenty of seating options for those in attendance, but you also do not want to interfere with the natural flow of traffic in the venue. This can make your guests feel crowded and claustrophobic. While you need enough chairs and tables for all in attendance, some people reserve a few extra items. This can be a great idea if space permits, but avoid reserving extra products if you are dealing with cramped quarters. Creating a floorplan to scale and determining where each rental will sit in the room is a great step to take before finalizing your rental plans.

Setting Up the Venue
Another important factor to consider with special event rentals is how the venue will be set up on the big day. Some rental companies require you to pick up the products on your own, and others will deliver them for you. Some will even set up and remove the items on your behalf. This is often complicated by deadlines for picking up and returning the items. This can dramatically impact your schedule on the day of the event, so pay close attention to this type of service before you contract with your rental company.

How Rentals Affect Décor Needs
The rentals that you select may dictate the need for more or less décor in your space. For example, you may be renting basic plastic chairs, and you may need to cover these with a decorative chair cover. On the other hand, the chairs that you are renting may already be decorative, and you may not wish to cover them. Furthermore, the number, size and shape of your tables will dictate the need for tabletop centerpieces and other decorative items.

If you are preparing to sign a contract for special event rentals, you may be eager to finalize the contract and cross one more item off of your to-do list. However, before you sign the final agreement, consider these points carefully. These points will impact your budget, your time schedule on the day of the event and your guests’ comfort level. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Hart Entertainment.