The Banff Alberta Upper Hot Springs

Hot springs are always a great way to spend a few hours relaxing, and the Banff Alberta Upper Hot Springs has the best hot springs locally. When spending time in Banff, the springs are something that just cannot be passed up when it comes to comfort.

The Banff Alberta Upper Springs lets us all soak and relax in hot, nourishing mineral waters. Travelers have been coming to these hot springs for centuries to relax, and wash away the aches and pains of the road. Why? It is all about the healing waters of the hot springs. Not only does the heat lossen up those tense muscles, but the water itself has healing properties, according to the ancients and some users.

The Banff Alberta Upper Hot Springs contain five minerals that interact and help improve our body’s functionality. The outstanding minerals contained in the water are Sulfate, Calcium, BiCarbonate, Magnesium and Sodium. The temperature of the water is a cozy 37’C and 40’C, aka 98’F and 104’F. This hot springs is also the highest hot spring in Canada, at around 5200 ‘, or 1585 meters. The volume, flows and actions of the spring are all effected by this high altitude location. However, Banff is quite renowned, as it has 100% spring water flowing into its hot springs. There are no man made adjustments.

In the early 1800’s, the nation’s first people would use these hot springs and considered them to be a safe place. On July 1st in 1932, the Upper Hot Springs bathhouse opened its doors, fully prepared to provide comfort for visitors. The site became a popular personal spa of the facility, which included steam rooms, showers, dressing rooms, tubs, plunge baths and a sulfur water swimming pool. The reputation grew and eventually, this luxurious spring rivaled any hot spa in Europe.

The Banff Alberta Upper Hot Springs was renovated again in 1995 to restore it to its original glory from 1932. Completions were done in 1996, and the spa is just as welcoming now, as it was to weary travelers in 1932.