Wildlife and Bird Watching in Banff Alberta

When visiting Banff Alberta, the amount of wildlife and breathtaking scenic views can be mesmerizing. It is easy to spend weeks or even months in the Banff Alberta National Park and still not see everything the park has to offer.

Nature enthusiasts will find their minds getting lost as they try to get a glimpse of the 53 varieties of mammals that wander the Banff National Park boundaries. The lush forest and mountain is a virtual plethora of wildlife diversity. The wide range of environmental conditions makes it a comfortable habitat for an incredible variety of species, making it a haven for wildlife watchers.
Wildlife lovers will be able to get a list of typical species in the area from the Banff Alberta Information Center, along with their behaviors. It is very important that when encountering wildlife, correct safety precautions are taken to protect both the watcher, and the watched.

Banff Alberta National Park is home to an array of small animals like rodents, shrews, bats, hares, Pikas and a large variety from the Weasel family. The hoofed mammals’ include the Ungulates, White Tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Moose, Mountain Goat, Woodland Caribou, Bison, and Bighorn Sheep.

There are also carnivorous animals that, though beautiful to observe, should be watched from afar. Banff National Park has Cougars and Canadian Lynx, along with several varieties of Coyote, Gray Wolves, Red Fox and both Black and Grizzly Bears. There should be no need to elaborate on why one should not approach, nor feed the bears.

Banff Alberta National Park can also offer those who appreciate the feathered friends an amazing experience. There are over 260 varieties of birds in the park alone. Bird watchers will find Clark's Nutcrackers, Red and White Breasted Nuthatches, Pygmy Owls, Sharp Shinned Hawk, Black-capped, Boreal and Mountain Chickadees, just to name a few.

Banff Alberta National Park is a wildlife and bird watching paradise.